New Season Starts
New Season Starts
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20:00, 23 Jan 2022


2022 Be Elite Flag Football Season | Sarasota High School

Welcome to Be Elite Flag Football at Sarasota High School Registration is now open for all players. 

Site Director: Brody Wiseman

Coach Wiseman Took over as the Head Coach for Sarasota Football in 2020 moving over from his previous coaching position as the Sailors Offensive Coordinator. Coach Wiseman who played High School Football at the Out-Of-Door Academy, is excited about the future of Sarasota Football and being a part of Be Elite Flag Football. “That word, family, means so many different things to different people depending on their backgrounds. Here, we define family as “F.A.M.I.L.Y,” or “Forget about me, I love you.” This is not about yourself, it’s about everyone else and what you can do for them.”

Practice and Game times
  • Kindergarten/1st Grade – 9:00am Practice/10:00am Game
  • 2nd Grade – 10:00am Practice/11:00am Game
  • 3rd Grade – 11:00am Practice/12:00pm Game
  • 4th Grade – 12:00pm Practice/1:00pm Game
  • 5th Grade – 1:00pm Practice/2:00pm Game
  • 6th Grade – 2:00pm Practice/3:00pm Game
  • 7th Grade – 3:00pm Practice/4:00pm Game
  • 8th Grade – 4:00pm Practice/5:00pm Game
  • Practice and game schedule is not final
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Game Schedule

  • Week 1               Scrimmage
  • Week 2               Game 1
  • Week 3               Game 2
  • Week 4               Game 5
  • Week 5               Game 6
  • Week 6               Game 7
  • Week 7               Game 8
  • Week 8               Game 9
  • Week 9               (Playoffs Week 1)
  • Week 10             (Playoffs Championship weekend)
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How Our League Works

Season: The season will run 10 straight weekends, starting January 22nd and finishing on March 26th, with a one-hour practice time and a one-hour game (no other practices will be scheduled).

Game Dates: All Games and Practices are on Sundays, with the exception of Super Bowl Sunday in which games will be played on Saturday of that weekend.

Team Roster Size:10 players maximum per team, limited exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Each player must play in their designated grade level and will not be allowed to play down to any grade level.

Season Fees: $185 – Fees will include a participant’s custom jersey (name and jersey #), shorts, use of flags, and other equipment offerings.

Game Play: Games are played in a 5 on 5 flag format within a contact-free environment. 5 players will play offense one half while the other 5 play defense. At the half, the players will switch sides of the ball so to get experience on Offense and Defense. Four games will be played simultaneously on a regulation football field with each game field length of 40 yards.

Student-Athletes/Mentor Coaches: All teams are assigned a local-area high school student-athlete as the Head Coach/Mentor to their respective teams. Parent volunteers can ASSIST our student-athletes and ENABLE them in their role as the Head Coach and Assistant Head Coach of their respective team(s).

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